Highlands School 148 Worlds End Lane, London, N21 1QQ

Welcome to Highlands, Tottenhall and Starks Field.

At all three of our schools, we are lucky enough have such excellent facilities, which can then be rented out to the local community, in the evenings and at the weekends.
We have three different locations, all of which have a vast amount of fantastic facilities, which are available to hire. The three locations are, Highlands, Tottenhall and Starks Field.

We also pride ourselves on the sporting facilities we offer. By renting out these facilities, it gives the local community a chance to participate in their favourite sporting activities, with many coaches and teachers booking with us, which creates a great togetherness for our community.

As well as this, we also have both dance and drama studios available for hire, alongside a main hall, which is ideal for performances! This space is also suitable for special events, such as birthday parties. So why not endure your special day with us here at one of our locations?


We are now taking bookings for our excellent dance and drama studios!

Please Contact Us for availability and pricing.